Technical Interviews

Before you pull the trigger on a developer hire, it's imperative that you KNOW the developer's skill level and prowess when it comes to the primary programming language they will use on the job. But how can you really know before you hire? Well, the answer lies in our company's namesake. Pair Programming is HANDS DOWN the BEST way to experience a developer's skill level. Pairify has this interview down to a science and the results are flawless!

Technical Interview

Pairify gets its name from the concept of “Pair Programming”. Our technical interview is born out of this great programming practice. The “Technical Interview” assessment type attempts to evaluate the candidate’s mastery of a specific programming language through a pair programming session over screen share and video call. Candidates receive an invitation to schedule an interview with an engineer via email along with instructions to prepare their environment for the session. During the session, an engineer walks the candidate through one of several “coding katas” using TDD (Test-Driven Development). This exercise, aside from being an enjoyable experience for both developers, provides a wealth of information about the candidate which can help in hiring decisions. When the session is complete, the evaluator will make recommendations based on the Focus Area, Job Description, and Desired Seniority Level provided.


The Technical Interview can be run using any programming language in existence (except those that require proprietary hardware to compile).

If there are data points you would like us to generate, we can attempt to integrate them into the kata or conversation. Our data points below are defaults, but we can flex with you.

Data Points

Data Points for each Pairify assessment are sent to you at the conclusion of the assessment via email (PDF) or API endpoint.

From Evaluator:

  • Use of Focus Area (generally the language used for the pair session)
  • Following Instructions
  • Dealing with New Tools
  • Dealing with New Techniques
  • Receiving Correction
  • Interpreting Business Requirements
  • Problem Solving
  • Understanding Signal Flow
  • Cleanliness
  • Communication of Thoughts
  • English
  • Friendliness
  • Professionalism
  • Recommended Level
  • Recommended for Job (based on Job Description and Desired Level)
  • Evaluator Notes
  • Recording of Pair Session

Try it out with your next candidate!




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