Social Reviews

Developers, especially those with experience, must endure countless vetting activities and evaluations... sometimes very time-consuming. But what if those software developers can show they have the skills for the job by other means? Our Social Review is how you can get that done!

Social Review

The “Social Review” assessment type attempts to save time and expense by vetting the candidate based on any skill evidence they can provide. We give the candidate a self-evaluation where they can rate their own skills and level of mastery in various areas. We also ask candidates to provide any public evidence of their skills (GitHub, LinkedIn, Youtube, blogs, online portfolios, etc) in hopes to verify skills without further activities.

If Pairify cannot successfully vet the candidate using only social evidence, we will recommend continuing to another assessment. Social Reviews are only billed if the results are conclusive.


Social review is an optional step that can precede any other technical assessment.

You can also choose to automatically advance to the next technical assessment if results are inconclusive. Also, if there are other data points you would like us to generate, we can attempt to integrate them into the review.

Data Points

Data Points for each Pairify assessment are sent to you at the conclusion of the assessment via email (PDF) or API endpoint.

From Candidate:

  • Technology Interests
  • Technology to Learn Next
  • Current Technical Weaknesses
  • Current Soft-Skill Weaknesses
  • English Self-Evaluation
  • Technical Mastery Self-Evaluation
  • Software Development Areas
  • Programming Languages
  • Front-end Frameworks
  • Back-end Frameworks
  • Other Development Disciplines
  • Social Profiles/Skill Evidence
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube Channel
  • Public Portfolio
  • StackOverflow Profile
  • Github Profile
  • Blog

From Evaluator:

  • Use of Focus Area based on social evidence
  • Community Engagement
  • Front-End Skills
  • Back-End Skills
  • Database
  • Devops
  • Cleanliness
  • English
  • Professionalism
  • Recommended Level
  • Recommended for Job (based on Job Description and Desired Level)
  • Notes

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